Jus D\'Amour 1/4 oz
Jus D'Amour 1/4 oz

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Date Added: 08/28/2018 by Shevy Smith
This is my favorite perfume and always illicits a response when I wear it... I have been in love with it for the last 8 years or so- I hope you never stop making it because it truly is the essence of love!
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Jus D'Amour Parfum

Essence of Love: is Heavens oil in a bottle. Addictive aroma, sophisticated love potion. The blend is amazing! You don't need much and last a long...

Awesome of of a kind

I received a bottle for a gift and been hooked ever since. All of the scents are unique. Sometimes I have people following me in random places asking...

Amazing scent!!!

I received my bottle of the perfume oil and love the smell. Perfect combination!! My husband loves it too. Thank you Mercedes!!!

Legend is Smooth!

Thank you Jus D'Amour and Mercedes for helping me feel and smell like a legend!! Smooth, classic, strong and fragrant without overpowering. Way to...

Outstanding customer service!

It is so incredibly gracious and exceedingly professional that when you call with a question, a person answers the phone who will talk you through...