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Jus D'Amour

Our signature perfume, “Jus D’Amour,” is the Essence of Love, a Timeless, Romantic Blend of Fresh Coco Palm and Aqualeaf Accord, Gentle Violet and Night Blooming Jasmine, Rich Tahitian Vanilla and Deep Sandalwood for the Most Scentual of Moods!


Sassy is a citrus blend of juicy fresh-squeezed, sweetorange and mandarin, vibrant grapefruit blended with dreamy jasmine, bergamont and cassis. the natural wood musk and vanilla softens the tang and allows the citrus notes to linger.


                     JUS D’AMOUR 

This Valentine’s Day 9-pack includes SMiZE Cream’s limited edition love-themed flavors: Red Velvety Hugs and “Doughreo Kisses” Oreo Cookie Dough, as well as their most popular specialty flavors: “All Night Love” Vanilla Salted Caramel, Brownies I Love You and The Best Vanilla I Ever Had. The pack also has a bottle of J’us Damour perfume by Mercedes and a luxury handmade candle from Los Angeles based Milena’s Candles.