About Mercedes

The Essence of Jus D’Amour

Mercedes is the founder, creative force, and nose of Jus D’Amour.  Inspired by her time as a musician and a sports agent, she seeks to capture that passion and energy in her scents. 

About Mercedes

Musician/Philanthropist/Artist/Perfumer About Mercedes “Born to Rock, Soothe and Stir The Soul” Mercedes is a world-renowned singer-songwriter who was born to rock and bring listener’s worlds together with her sultry voice and universal lyrics and personal experiences that melt the heart. Breaking down age, gender and race barriers, her rock and soul sound captivates audiences from around the world, soothes and stirs the soul, and ignites the senses, because of her infusion of symphonic, inspirational and visual elements in all of her work.

Mercedes has worked with the best in the industry including Grammy award winning producer Mike Shipley, who worked with Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Alison Krauss, Shania Twain and many more; Producer and American Guitarist Bruce Gowdy, known for his work with World Trade and Unruly Child, and Multi-Platinum Hop Hope Super Producer Nick Fury. Her performances have rocked a variety of stages and acclaimed venues including the Hammerstein Ballroom for New York City’s 9/11 Benefit Concert, The Key Club in Los Angeles, The Roxy, Whisky, The Troubadour, The Gig and The Knitting Factory, among others. Her first commercial album release, “Rock-n-Soul Blvd.,” with breakout single “Hey Baby”, remixed featuring Guerilla Black has been played throughout mixed shows and club circuits in Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York and Los Angeles.

When she is not rocking the stage, Mercedes is the Founder and Creative Directory of Jus D’Amour – “A Love Song in A Bottle” – her beauty and lifestyle brand of scents, candles and jewelry, inspired by her time as a musician and as the marketing agent for Boxing Legend, Roy Jones Jr. and their equally aptly named line, Legend – “The Scent of Victory”. Mercedes’ newest single, “U Make Me Shine”, a beautiful soul, country and pop infused tribute to Mike Shipley, who also produced and mixed this track for her before his passing, it is now available for download at www.mercedesmusic.com and CD Baby. For more information, visit MercedesMusic.com and JusDamour.com