• the sexiest perfume

    I am very particular about perfumes, in my younger days I was a Chanel no. 5 girl for years and years, until I met Mercedes at an opening Gala! Since then I am totally addicted to this incredible sensual oil and spray. People literally stop me as i walk by.. its light, sexy,and makes me feel beautiful!!! love , love, love!!! Mercedes you are one talented lady!!! thank you for your creation!!! xoxoxxxoxox

  • The BEST perfume!!

    I’ve been wearing Jus D’amour for years and can not express how much I love this scent!! The absolute best and my signature scent

  • My Secret Scent (but too good not to share!)

    I’ve been wearing Jus d’amour for a good 3 years now I believe. While shopping in a boutique I tried a sample of it and had to have it. The smell is so beautiful and unique and long lasting which is so important to me in a scent. I need to be able to put it on in the morning and have it last into the evening. I am constantly being asked what scent i’m wearing and by not just other women but men too! I cant say enough about Jus D’amour. It does not disappoint ever. On this order I also purchased Detour. Have not tried it yet but…

  • Love love love

    This is the best perfume ever! I’ve been wearing it for several years and still can’t get enough of this amazing scent!

  • Favorite Accessory

    My fragrance is more important to me than the clothing I wear. I have spent years sampling perfumes from department store to niche houses, from affordable to astronomical. This is my all time favorite. I am picky, I need to love it from first spray to dry down and it has to last. Jus D’Amour is perfect! It manages to be cozy, sultry and fresh all at once. A wonderful, warm vanilla with no stickiness. This combination of 6 notes is perfectly balanced so that none of them scream; together they sing. I appreciate the high quality ingredients which deliver lovely sillage and longevity. The icing on this cake is…

  • The best scent ever!

    I’ve been wearing Jus D’Amour for about four years now and it is the most amazing perfume!! I couldn’t even count the number of compliments I have gotten about this perfume. Literally every time I wear it someone will tell me how amazing I smell and they’re all strangers. I even had a woman I didn’t know hug me in the middle of Walmart because she absolutely loved the scent and wanted to get it to rub off on her! LOL